Andrew Smith – Personal Training

“I have been overweight for the past 30 years, and dieted more times than I care to remember. In June 2010 after the death of my father I decided to try again and get fit at the same time.

I topped the scales at just under 19 stone and would get out of breath just walking the dogs. To give me a goal I decided to book my place in the WyeAthlon in memory of Dad and raise some money for Alzheimer’s research.

To help me my wife booked me time with Lisa, who had been helping her tone up. The difference that one decision has made is unbelievable. By September 2010 I had not only lost 2 stone, but I ran the WyeAthlon without stopping, and raised £1200!! For me at the age of 54 that was a massive achievement.

I have carried on training with Lisa once a week, and have lost just under 4 stone. I now regularly run 4 miles, and do 20 mile bike rides, and enjoy life so much more. I can cheat at weekends because the exercise keeps the weight in check without eating rabbit food and being hungry all the time.

My wife and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Lisa for our lives are richer as a result, for the secret is this…exercise must become a way of life and a priority. Build it into your daily life. You only get one crack at it!