Karen Smith – Personal Training

“Does this ring any bells…. Nearly 50, two stone heavier than when you were 30, your children can suddenly outrun you, outlift you and have much more stamina.. where did the younger fitter, slimmer you go?  Well don’t worry ..its still there, you’ve just got to find it again.

I started with LT Fitness 6 months ago when I recognised that I had hit this wall and I realised that I would have a much better chance of sticking with my new good intentions of losing weight and getting fit, if I had someone to advise and encourage me.

I did not want to start another ‘fad’ fitness phase that would fizzle out. I did not want to ‘diet’ until my will power disappeared yet again and I ended up heavier than before I started. What I wanted was a real lifestyle change, and was not sure whether I could do it on my own.

Lisa has helped me think about healthy eating, not about dieting, and encouraged me to build a fitness programme into my life that is achievable, setting realistic goals and getting me to feel good about myself again.

Banned from the scales and learning to concentrate on the way I feel rather than the way the scales tell me I should feel, not feeling guilty about the occasional cheat, and starting to get real satisfaction from my improved stamina in the gym, and even stepping out into unfamiliar territory, learning to ride a bike again, and managing to ride up hills that I struggled to walk up 6 months ago!

The best thing is though, that I am really enjoying the process of rediscovering the old me ( in fact I think I am seriously in danger of becoming better than the old me!) 

I cannot recommend LT fitness enough – don’t make getting fit a New Years Resolution that is forgotten by Valentines day – make it a Life Time Resolution that rediscovers the old you – you don’t have to do it on your own!