Marcus Billig – Personal Training

I started with Lisa in January 2011 after my wife bought me a block of 10 sessions with Lisa to try and help with my weight loss and fitness. At this point in time I had spent the last few years with my weight yo-yoing up and down. At this point I weighed 102 kg (16 stone 3) and I could barely run 3 miles, so I arrived at my first session nervous but excited to try and sort my weight out once and for all.

Lisa soon put my fears aside by being very welcoming and encouraging from the start, we started with an initial assessment and a meeting about what my goals were which I replied somewhat jokingly that someday I would like to run a marathon but my main aim was to lose weight.
I started my training with Lisa, which I found hard but enjoyable; Lisa spends a lot of time prepping each session and ensures that very rarely do you do the same exercises, this means that each session is different, which keeps me interested. Very quickly I saw an improvement in my fitness levels and soon put my money where my mouth was and signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon.

However my weight was not reducing as quickly as I hoped, this soon changed after signing up to a boot camp programme that Lisa also runs, this programme is a two week group exercise course that comes with a food programme. I wanted to give it the best chance I could and therefore I followed it religiously and lost half a stone in that 2 week period.

This made me realise that I had fallen to a trap of thinking that because I was exercising more I could eat as much as I wanted and whatever I wanted. What this boot camp taught me, was my portions were far too big, and if I was serious about losing weight I needed to change my way of thinking towards food to ensure my weight loss was sustainable. So, not only did this boot camp further my fitness it also helped me understand how to eat correctly and changed my eating habits, which is I still follow to this day.

I carried on seeing Lisa after my initial block booking had run out and completed, with a lot of help, my marathon. Once I had finished this I had got the bug and dove into triathlons. Lisa and I sat down and discussed my new goals and she adjusted my programmes going forward, ensuring each session was geared towards triathlons
18 months later after completing several different triathlons I completed my hardest task to date which was the Ironman UK which consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, followed by 112 on a bike and then 26.2 mile run (marathon) in 13 hours and 24 minutes.

Two and a half years ago I could not even of dreamt I could complete an Ironman but with a huge amount of help from Lisa and little bit of hard work outside her sessions I did, and my new weight is 82 Kgs (12 stone, 12).
Therefore if you are thinking of changing something in your life or setting yourself a target then hopefully my story will show you that if you are prepared to work hard and listen, then whatever your goal may be it, can be achieved.

I would like to take the chance to thank Lisa for everything she has done for me over the last two and a half years, not only have she helped me become fitter and slimmer she have also change my lifestyle for the better, all I have to do now is think of the next goal we can work on together.