Some of my services

Personal TrainingPersonal Training!

The fact that you have come through to this site means you are probably thinking about the benefits of a personal trainer. So let’s do it!

Boot Camp

Small Group Personal Training

If you like the idea of having a Personal Trainer but feel that you either do not want to go it alone, or that it is slightly out of your budget, the SGT is for you.

Total Health Club September 2016

This is a 12 week weight loss & education programme. Clients receive weekly fitness workouts and nutrition advice. Adopting a LCHF nutrition approach to future proof against diet related disease.


Fat Blaster Fortnight

This is a two week intense fitness programme, combining fat blasting workouts with a specific, guided nutrition programme designed to melt fat fast.

Weight Managment

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

If you feel that you have tried everything and seem to come back to square one every time, then change what you are doing.

My Classes

My Classes

From Pilates to Aqua Aerobics, my classes are available for all abilities and fitness levels. Click here to find out more.