Karen Smith – Personal Training

I started with Lisa as my personal trainer about two years ago. I remember the first day I went for my assessment, I felt so embarrassed about being over weight and my self confidence was zero, Lisa quickly sensed this and put me at my ease. I have disc problems in my back, so she devised a programme that I could manage and maintain safely, that would help me strengthen my core muscles and my overall fitness. Each session she has planned something new for me to tackle and with her constant support this has pushed all limiting thoughts that I may ever have had about myself.
It has been a journey for me both emotionally and physically and Lisa has supported me in both areas. I now see Lisa for training twice a week and go once on my own also.

Lisa is dynamic and motivated which she brings to every session, she also knows when I am feeling fragile and is empathic to my needs. With this approach ( Lisa seeing people as a whole ) I have been able to manage depression which has changed my life.
I say to Lisa alot that she has changed my life, she has helped me to see that I can value myself and my self esteem has risen dramatically.
So THANKYOU Lisa and don’t ever stop what you’re doing !!!!!!