Happy Customers of LT Fitness

Marcus Billig – Personal Training

I started with Lisa in January 2011 after my wife bought me a block of 10 sessions with Lisa to try and help with my weight loss and fitness. At this point in time I had spent the last few years with my weight yo-yoing up and down. At this point I weighed 102 kg (16 stone 3) and I could barely run 3 miles, so I arrived at my first session nervous but excited to try and sort my weight out once and for all…

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Sally Green – Personal Training

I started with Lisa as my personal trainer about two years ago. I remember the first day I went for my assessment, I felt so embarrassed about being over weight and my self confidence was zero, Lisa quickly sensed this and put me at my ease. …

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Karen Smith – Personal Training

Does this ring any bells…. Nearly 50, two stone heavier than when you were 30, your children can suddenly outrun you, outlift you and have much more stamina.. where did the younger fitter, slimmer you go?

Well don’t worry ..its still there, you’ve just got to find it again…

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Mark Worthing – Personal Training

Lisa has helped me add variety to my training over the past 2 1/2 years. If it wasn’t’ for my regular Mondays I would not have done any exercise other than running. Her input is invaluable and very professional but friendly at the same time. The sessions are different every week; circuits, kettle bells, standard free weights or a mixture…

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Andrew Smith – Personal Training

I have been overweight for the past 30 years, and dieted more times than I care to remember.

In June 2010 after the death of my father I decided to try again and get fit at the same time.

I topped the scales at just under 19 stone and would get out of breath just walking the dogs…

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Annie Fisher – Nutrition & Weight Management

I signed up to Lisa’s Weight Management Consultancy in September 2009. In the first year, I lost 11kg, my body fat dropped by 5% and my Bmi reduced by 5 points.

I knew I needed someone to motivate me to lose weight, get fit and tone up. Lisa has helped me to set my own realistic goals, which I have managed to achieve , advised me on my diet and gently persuaded me into being a healthier, fitter and much happier person.

Lisa’s help and one to one support was invaluable,her nutritional knowledge is excellent and the handy tricks and tips she gave were essential to my continuing weight loss. I am not and never will be a ‘gym bunny’, however I joined Lisa’s weekly Pilates classes and found these an excellent form of exercise for me.

I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa’s programme for anyone wanting to get fit and lose weight.”

Sharon – Total Health Club

The twelve week programme has been a life changing experience. The knowledge I have received has really made me assess what I eat and why. The support I have received has been second to none.

Jo Pattison – Bootcamp

“Bootcamp has been amazing for me and I love the variety of exercise that we do. When I first started Bootcamp, I couldn’t run for five minutes without getting out of breath and this year – I entered my first 5k race and was proud to have run the whole way!

Not only have my fitness levels increased but Bootcamp gave me the incentive to watch what I eat and I have lost almost two stone.

I didn’t think I would ever be this committed to exercise and I would like to thank L T Fitness for giving me the motivation. I will definitely be back for more.”

John Allen – Pilates

I went for an assessment with Lisa thee years ago, when I lay on the floor my body was so stiff, my head could not touch the floor. 3 years later, with regular Pilates sessions, my life has changed. My core strength has improved immensely, my posture has improved, I can now put my head on the ground! I am now swimming 1000 meters per week and my Golf has definitely improved. I was classified as a Type 2 Diabetic but with diet advice and exercise tuition, I have lost over a stone and a half in weight and I have reversed the effects of the Diabetes without medication. Thank you Lisa for all of your encouragement.