Nutrition & Weight Management

If you feel that you have tried everything and seem to come back to square one every time, then change what you are doing.Let a qualified Nutrition and Weight Management specialist help you find the solutions to a slimmer, fitter and happier you. L T Fitness can help you make the correct food choices that will enhance your life, give you more energy and keep you healthy.

Lifestyle MOT and Nutrition Analysis

Guaranteed to fit in with your lifestyle

Nutrition is not just about the food choices we make but also the reasons why we make those food choices i.e. our lifestyle demands!For example you may work shifts, away from home, be too busy with children or have a hectic social life.These are just a few of the reasons, that effect eating patterns, there are thousands more.

A Nutrition MOT is a fantastic way to see how you can boost inch-loss, energy, mood and vitality by getting a “tailor-made” action plan and advice to ensure you get the results you want.Whatever the issues, Lisa will help you to find solutions to any problems you face in your journey to a happier and healthier you!

Whats Involved?

You will attend two consultations of 30 minutes each. Prior to the first consultation, you will complete a lifestyle questionnaire looking at:

  • Goals & what difference achieving those goals will make
  • Previous exercise habits
  • Exercise likes / dislikes
  • Current exercises / training programmes
  • Current eating / drinking habits
  • Eating patterns / style
  • Energy / sleep
  • Stress and personality
  • Habits
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Motivation and support
  • An hour and a half of consultation time
  • Full food diary analysis

You also need to complete 5 consecutive days of detailed food diaries

Your questionnaire and eating plans are analysed by Lisa and she will then make recommendations for change based on the information you have given.

Lisa will then plan your second consultation around issues she thinks should be tackled as a priority for YOU to get where you want to be short & long term

In your second consultation, you will discuss these and anything else that may come up or be relevant

During your consultation you will be given “tailor-made” advice and solutions. Everyone is individual and no one plan fits all.

Written report on suggestion and recommendations can all be yours for a low cost price of just £100.

This investment will guarantee you results for a lifetime, not just until the latest diet trend is over.


Food Diary Analysis and Guidance

‘Log it to Lose it’, is an age old saying but it really works. Food diaries are perfect for people who need help with working out what to eat and when to eat so they look and feel the best they can be.

Once you have your full individual analysis, you need to implement it and know that it is working for you. Therefore you can e-mail Lisa once a week with food diaries for her to analyse and make suggestions to keep you on track.

Some clients ask Lisa to help them manage their food on work trips away, or with a hectic schedule or large families. Food diary analysis and guidance may be just the thing you need to get an eating plan that is right for you!

Weekly food diary analysis normally costs £20. However, if you invest in the full, individual Nutrition MOT report, then you can receive online aftercare support at a low cost of just £30 per month.